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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Pope Bans Homosexuals From Priesthood

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Well it's about time! This is EXACTLY what needed to be done!

To clarify matters a bit, an internal audit of the American Catholic Church revealed that 4,392 priests were accused (not all were convicted) of sexual misconduct between 1950 and 2002. That amounts to about 4% of the 109,694 priests who served in America's Catholic Church during this same period. So while about 4% of priests were allegedly abusing the system, about 96% were doing their jobs appropriately. While anything over 0% is unacceptable, it is nothing close to the catastrophic impression the mainstream media gave us in their reporting on the subject since 2002.

The sex-abuse scandal of 2002 is often mislabeled as a scandal of "child molestation," when in reality it was a scandal of teenage molestation. There is a difference. Child molesters are primarily interested in preadolescent children (12 years of age and under), and they are often indiscriminate between boys and girls. In the case of teenage molestations by adults, sexual orientation plays a much bigger role.

The overwhelming vast majority of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church occurred between clergy and teenagers (not preadolescent children), and of those cases, homosexuality played a dominating role. A recent study by Brian W. Clowes and David L. Sonnier gives us some details and insight on this. You can view the full study in PDF format here.

The Pope is not messing around. He knows that the overwhelming number of cases involving sexual abuse in the American Catholic Church involved homosexual relations between "gay" priests and teenage boys. In taking this action, the pope is chomping a huge bite out of the problem. The numbers don’t lie. View the study by Clowes and Sonnier to see for yourself.

Yes, there is a much deeper issue here than homosexuality alone which cannot be ignored. But there is a high degree of likelihood that homosexuality plays into it in no small way.

All during the American Church’s sex-abuse scandal of 2002 we continually heard from the media about an “atmosphere of secrecy” within the hierarchy. This is true, and nowhere was it more evident than in the nation’s largest (and most liberal) diocese. Boston become the focal point. The question arises; what caused this secrecy? Come on now, think about it. If you were a bishop, and you found out one of your gay priests was touching teenage boys, wouldn’t you do something about it? Every human instinct cries for justice. Even worse yet; what if one of your priests was actually fondling little children (less than 12 years of age). My God! Wouldn’t you do something!?! Doesn’t every instinct in your body cry out for justice!?!

What would cause such an “atmosphere of secrecy?” How could anyone keep a secret under those conditions? How could anyone protect the perpetrator? No religious vow can tolerate such injustice. No fraternal bond among clergy can withstand such conditions for long. No. There is only one thing that can drive men to secrecy about such matters -- FEAR!

So what did these bishops have to be afraid of? Could it be that they were being blackmailed by the very perpetrators they would have liked to turn in? Could it be that these perpetrators had some dirt on the bishops they were assigned to? Could it be that past homosexual practices were coming back to haunt these bishops? I don’t know, and I don’t know if we’ll ever know for sure. What I do know is this. Nobody is going to protect a child molester unless he fears something worse than reassigning him to another parish.

The owner of the Pope Benedict XVI blog, Michael S. Rose, copiously documented the rampant homosexuality running through some of the Church’s seminaries in his book “Goodbye Good Men.” (If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you do so ASAP.) If even half of what he wrote was true, and I suspect more than half is, than there would be enough dirt on clergymen from all over the country to keep the kinds of secrets we’re talking about here. The atmosphere of widespread homosexuality bred an atmosphere of secrecy by its very nature. That atmosphere of secrecy bred the cover-up of one of the worst crimes imaginable -- defiling youth.

The study in the link above is based entirely on hard data from actual cases -- all the cases, not just a mere cross-section analysis. It is what it is. Which makes it impossible to skew, slant or aim at proving a point.

There were just a little over 10,000 cases of alleged sexual abuse reported in the Catholic Church between 1950 and 2002. Of that number, some 8,410 (about 75%) were of victims between the ages of 11-17 at the time of the alleged abuse. About two-thirds of all the victims were teenagers! According to the psychiatric definition of pedophilia, this does not meet the criteria. This is sex with teenagers, sometimes called ephebophilia, and more commonly associated with specific sexual orientation. The American Church’s main problem was sex with teenagers (ephebophilia) not pedophilia. That’s just the facts. It’s inexcusable, but not unexpected, that the mainstream media refuses to report this, but I guess that’s why Internet blogs are so popular these days. If the press won’t do their jobs, than there are plenty of bloggers out there ready to do it for them.

All that being said, the number of teenage boys (11-17) allegedly abused between 1950 and 2002 was 7,174 -- which is over 85% of all the reported cases in this age group! The number of teenage girls was 1,236 -- which is just under 15%. It’s a no-brainer people! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. Sex with teenagers is not pedophilia. Sex with men is homosexuality. Sex with teenage boys/men is homosexual ephebophilia -- underline the word “homosexual” in this case because it amounts to 85%!!!!!


Case closed.

If American Catholic seminaries had simply followed standard Vatican protocol in the first place, refusing to admit and ordain homosexuals, they would have nixed about 80% of the problem before it ever happened.

Is it no wonder why Pope Benedict is now enforcing the ban on homosexuals in the seminaries?