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Thursday, October 6, 2005

Mass Reforms On The Way

New draft translation of Mass prayers distributed to bishops (CNS) -- READ THE STORY HERE


As a convert to Catholicism in the Post-Vatican II era, I don’t know much about Latin, but even I could tell there are some BIG differences between the official Latin version of the mass, and the common English translation we all say every Sunday. I had always suspected that the English version was “a little watered down” (to say the least) from the rich Latin text.

The revisions will bring our English version of the mass into compliance with the official Latin in a more “direct” translation. Some say these reforms will add a deeper spiritual component to our mass, and I would have to agree. Watering down the original Latin text through a “dynamic equivalent” translation has left our mass a little bit dry. A great deal of the mystical component is lost this way. These reforms (when approved by Rome) should go a long way toward fixing that. It’s definitely one step in the right direction. Granted, it is just a step, but it’s better than nothing. The US Catholic Church has got a long way to go in bringing itself into compliance with the actual decrees of Vatican II, but at least we’re finally moving in that general direction.

Vatican II was supposed to be a reformation. For many Catholics around the world it was. For American Catholics, sadly, it was more like a revolution. Finally, the American Church is being reigned in. It can truly be said, that in America anyway, the post-conciliar reforms were hijacked by some with their own agendas. The US Catholic Church is today a far cry from what the bishops intended to accomplish in Vatican II. Now the reform of the “reformation” has finally begun.