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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Polish leader's anti-gay stance threatens EU voting rights

Poland could lose its EU voting rights if its newly elected president continues to oppose gay rights and seeks to introduce the death penalty, the European Commission warned yesterday.

In a shot across the bows of arch-conservative Lech Kaczynski, the commission declared that all member states must abide by EU rules which protect minorities and block the death penalty.

Failure to comply could trigger a special process under the Treaty of Nice which deprives errant member states of their voting rights in ministerial meetings. "We are going to follow the situation very attentively," the principal commission spokesman, Jonathan Todd, said yesterday....
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So here we have an example of the liberal utopia, called the European Union (EU), in all it's glory. If you don't agree with 'politically correct' orthodoxy, you get your voting rights taken away. I wonder how many American liberals would like to see a similar policy enacted in the United States? Well, hopefully this will be a wakeup call for Catholic Poland. The EU is trying to create a liberal utopia where 'politically correct' orthodoxy (i.e. fascist propaganda) is the law of the land. Poland would be better off as its own country, apart from the EU, as would just about every other country in Europe. If you're going to have a federal union that works, it must be one based entirely on states' rights. If the member states cannot control their own laws, and their own destiny, than you don't have a federal union. What you have is an empire where the rights of the states are trampled by an intrusive and overpowering centralized government. If the people of Poland are smart, they will elect whomever they want to their government, thumb their noses at the EU when they take away their voting rights, and then vote to secede from the EU entirely. Their example will only be followed by other European nations who will do the same.