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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Anglican Archbishops threaten split over gay clergy

Revolt against leadership of Rowan Williams leaves church facing schism

Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, faced the gravest threat to his authority as leader of the worldwide Anglican communion last night, as nearly half the church's presiding archbishops launched an unprecedented attack on his leadership over the issue of gay clergy.

In terms which call into question the archbishop's continuing leadership of the 77 million-strong church - the third largest Christian denomination - 17 of Anglicanism's 38 primates issued a highly personal letter criticising his personal ability and demanding that he should take action against "unrepented sexual immorality" in the church....
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I really have nothing to say about this, other than just pointing out that the leaders are supposed to LEAD, not straddle the fence. I just hope this serves as a lesson to Roman Catholic (as well as Anglican) bishops around the world. Social Liberalism doesn't work, especially when applied to the Church. Love does not equal approval. Jesus Christ died to forgive sins, not condone them.