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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

CBS Pope Movie to Debut

Perhaps in an attempt to repair damage to its credibility, and restore friendly relations with Christian audiences, CBS is preparing to air a made-for-TV movie about the papacy of Pope John Paul II. The movie comes with approval from the currently reigning Pope Benedict XVI, who viewed it earlier this month. Reports indicated that Benedict was pleased with the film, and used it as an opportunity to remind the faithful of the enduring legacy of his predecessor. The four-hour mini-series was shot on location in Poland and in Italy. It will be broadcast at 9pm EST, (8pm CST) Sunday, Dec. 4 and Wednesday, Dec. 7, on CBS.

CBS may want to take note of the free advertising it's now getting on my blog for this film. All television networks should understand that when they provide good family entertainment, which places Christianity in a positive light, they can expect approving reviews from conservative bloggers. I wonder what the ratings for CBS will be like this Sunday and next Wednesday. If they're good, I wonder if CBS will get the message.