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Friday, November 18, 2005

Conservative Catholics Ready to Rumble with Dissenters over Homosexual Priest Ban

VATICAN, November 18, 2005 ( - Less than two weeks away from the widely rumoured November 29 publication date of a new Vatican document dealing with homosexuality and the priesthood, dissenters from the church's stand against ordaining homosexuals - among them priests and bishops - have taken their claims public...
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All I have to say about this is look at the story I covered below about the troubles in the Anglican Communion {click here to read}. If the Catholic bishops don't want to find themselves sinking into complete irrelevancy, than they had better stand up and lead their flocks! Failure to call a spade a spade will only result in trouble down the line. Unless the Roman Catholic Church wants to go the same way as the Anglican Communion, it had better stand up and do something about this homosexual problem in our seminaries. Yes, the sex-abuse scandal of 2002 was indeed a homosexual problem, not a pedophilia problem. The research data determines this conclusively. You can read the study for yourself here: {Homosexuality Not Molestation - PDF format}