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Monday, November 14, 2005

Meet The New "Hitler"

The Catholic Church Breaks its Silence over the Islam of the Ayatollahs

ROMA, November 11, 2005 – At the very moment when Iran is more at the center of the world’s attention than ever – on account of its nuclear weapons program and its restatement of its desire to eliminate the state of Israel – even the Vatican, which is usually prudent diplomatically, has made a little foray out of its customary silence.

On October 28, a press release from the Holy See press office, which was dictated by the secretariat of state, condemned “some particularly serious and unacceptable declarations denying the state of Israel’s right to exist.”
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I'm calling attention to this story in case some Iranian playwrite tries to rewrite history twenty years from now, as German playwrite
Rolf Hochhuth did back in 1963 concerning the World War II legacy of Pope Pius XII. {For Details - read my story on "The MYTH of Hitler's Pope"}

Make no mistake about it. The recently elected Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is the new 'Adolph Hitler' of our time. He was one of the Iranian terrorists who kidnapped American hostages during the late 1970s. Now, he's risen to the highest office of the land. This man is a dangerous monster, who is going to lead his people into a terrible war.

For the record; the pope is condemning his actions starting right NOW. So I hope nobody tries to change the story of what really happened a decade or two from now. Hey! Before you accuse me of being paranoid, just consider that I'm only learning the lessons of history. This kind of historical revisionism has already happen once regarding a 20th century pope. I would just hate to see it happen again with a 21st century pope.