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Monday, November 14, 2005

Supreme Knight Calls on Senators to Reject Prejudice

In a letter to each member of the U.S. Senate, Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson warns that some "abortion rights partisans who oppose the Catholic Church's teaching on abortion" are opposing the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito (photo) to the Supreme Court because he is a Roman Catholic. The letter asks the senators to "disavow any effort to decide Judge Alito's nomination on the basis of his faith, or the degree to which he is presumed to be a faithful Catholic."
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I'm proud our order's Supreme Knight has taken this bold stand against anti-Catholic prejudice among far left-wing liberals. Unfortunately, many of our nation's politicians are already beholden to them. While this would include most Democrats on Capitol Hill, Republicans are not immune either. It's no secret that left-wing liberals can't stand the Catholic Church's teachings on moral issues like abortion. They never miss an opportunity to verbally slam the Church in one way or another. Now they have no problem calling into question Judge Alito's "ability" to function as a Supreme Court justice, solely because of his Roman Catholic faith. They're also calling into question the religious makeup of the court, when he is confirmed. The argument will be that the Supreme Court is now "too Catholic." Of course the implication of this argument is that Judge Alito should not be confirmed because his personal Catholic faith would make the Court "too Catholic." Therefore, he should be dumped as a nominee based on his religion.

The religious argument against Alito sounds ridiculous once you spell it out in plain and simple English as I did above. But that's not how their argument is going to be framed in the course of public debate. Indeed, their anti-catholic position is sure to be more subtle in presentation. But it is what it is. The Constitution specifically demands "no religious test" for nominees to public office. Our liberal opponents on the far left would do well heeding the advice of our nation's founding fathers.

It will be interesting to see how self-loathing liberal Catholics, like Ted Kennedy, articulate their grilling of Judge Alito at the Senate confirmation hearings in January. I predict self-loathing liberal Catholics, like Ted Kennedy, will be asking the majority of questions alluding to Judge Alito's private religious beliefs. Coming from another Catholic, (albeit a self-loathing one), will help to deflect charges of anti-catholicism from the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. When you really think about it, however, it actually does more to validate the charges of anti-catholicism. This is because Senator Ted Kennedy is obviously not a 'practicing' Catholic, namely because of his support of abortion rights, among many other things. Once again it goes to show that liberals have set Catholics up with an unfair choice. They can either be good Catholics, or good liberals, but never both at the same time. Senator Kennedy is the little darling of the far-left precisely because he is a non-practicing Catholic. He does have the "Catholic label," which makes him a good tool for pushing the liberal agenda among Catholics. But the dirty little secret is this. If Senator Kennedy ever grew a spine, or a conscience, he might actually come out against abortion, perhaps citing religious beliefs as his reason. If he did however, he too would immediately be labeled a Catholic "puppet" by his friends on the far-left, just like any other Catholic who would do the same. It's a tight corner these liberals are painting themselves into. With each and every question they ask of Alito in January, they're bound to get an answer that pleases practicing Catholics. It won't be long before America's viewers start to wonder why this guy is getting such a hard-time by the Senate. I seriously wonder how many practicing Catholics will leave the Democratic Party because of the Democratic Senator's treatment of Judge Alito.