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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tale of Two Cities

Catholics Warn Anglicans Over Women Bishops

The Roman Catholic Church has issued a scathing critique of Church of England plans to admit women bishops, warning that the reform would "radically" impair their relations.

In an official paper, the Catholic bishops said that consecrating women was "a tremendous and intolerable risk" that could cause "irreparable damage", both within and outside the Anglican Church....
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Anglicans Criticizes Vatican Over Gays Priests

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Gay U.S. Anglican bishop Gene Robinson said on Thursday a Vatican document barring practicing gay men from becoming Roman Catholic priests showed a profound misunderstanding of homosexuality.

The document, due to be published next week, says men with "deep-seated" gay tendencies cannot become priests and that only those who have overcome their homosexuality at least three years before ordination can do so.

"I think the Vatican, or whoever wrote this statement, should spend a little more time listening to its gay and lesbian members rather than putting out statements," said Robinson, having read media reports on the document...
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A tale of two cities has begun; the Vatican verses the Anglican Communion, as the lines are drawn for what is sure to be the ecclesiastical battle of the 21st century. The Vatican, on the right, appeals to traditional Christian values upheld by 20 centuries of Tradition and the testimony of Sacred Scripture. On the left, the Anglican Communion navigates a course plotted by the 'political correct orthodoxy' of mainstream western society. In between; a war of words is developing which is sure to attract conservative Anglicans to the Vatican, and liberal 'cafeteria' Catholics to the Anglican Communion.

In the end, only Rome can survive. Why? Because the Vatican, headed by Pope Benedict XVI, has charted a course that appeals to the basic moral values of historic Christianity. In doing so, the Vatican embarks on a journey that is consistent with the Biblical Scriptures and the historic teaching of all Christian denominations before the age of 'political correct orthodoxy.' When people seek religious values, they're looking for something consistent, that doesn't change with the times. Why would somebody turn to a religion to get values they could easily acquire from the Oprah Winfrey Show? Popular culture already espouses the values pursued by the leadership of the Anglican Communion, and the thing is, many Anglicans already know that. That's why a good number of Anglican bishops are already seeking a way to re-enter the Catholic Church under a newly restored 'Anglican Rite.'