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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Costco Fires Catholic For Just Being Catholic

Costco Fires Catholic Who Denied Knights of Columbus Hall for Lesbian "Marriage"
Man Struggling to Support Three Small Children Faces Loss of Home

PORT COQUITLAM, BC, November 30, 2005 ( - A member of the Knights of Columbus who is in charge of renting the fraternity's hall for weddings and other events alleges he was fired from his day job at Costco for his involvement in denying two lesbians the facility for their same-sex "wedding." The human rights case in which the lesbian couple successfully sued the Knights of Columbus over the denial of the hall made international headlines. (see coverage: )


David Hauser told in an exclusive interview that Tracey Smith, one of the lesbians involved in the human rights complaint against the Knights, was also a co-worker of his at Costco. Hauser related that Smith and many of the management at the Port Coquitlam warehouse were openly homosexual. He related that for months before Smith and her same-sex partner approached his wife for the hall rental, these same individuals had been asking him about his involvement with the hall, and knew that he was in charge of bookings....

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I knew it was just a matter of time before this would happen. The homosexual lobby has become so powerful that they can actually get a major retailer like Costco to violate somebody's civil rights over the fear of offending homosexuals if they don't. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Soon other companies will follow, and then we'll see government organization do the same. It won't be long before practicing Catholicism is unofficially "illegal" in Canada by virtue of the fact that practicing Catholicism is considered "discriminatory" toward homosexuals. Thus, being Catholic, will effectively be "illegal" without actually saying it that way. There are basically only two things we can do to fight this -- three if you live in Canada...
  1. Boycott Costco, and send their corporate headquarters a courteous letter explaining why.
  2. Send donations to the Canadian Knights of Columbus for their 'legal defense fund.'
  3. (If you live in Canada) lobby for changes in the law that protect religious freedom on homosexual matters.