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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Democratic Party Promotes Anti-Christian Bigotry

If ever there was a doubt about the Democratic Party pandering to anti-Christian elements of the extreme Left wing, it should all be dispelled now. It ain't your grandma's Democratic Party anymore! Democratic leaders all over America are reaching out to the most extreme and vile elements of our society. Where most people see a common thug or street punk, Democratic leaders now see votes. Radical socialists and devout atheists are all finding a new home in the Democratic Party. This bumper sticker is just the latest example of the contempt Democratic leaders now have for people of the Christian faith.

Democrats sell Christian 'hypocrite' sticker Fish symbol with hellish flames. It was removed from their website after exposure.

The official website of Washington State Democrats sold magnetic car stickers of the Christian fish symbol and cross emblazoned with the word "hypocrite" on a background of hellish flames.

The item was removed about mid-day yesterday after a weblog took note, calling it an example of Democrat Party hostility toward religious believers, especially Christians....

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