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Thursday, December 1, 2005

Here Come The Rebels!

New Vatican Policy on Gays Exposes 'Cafeteria Clergy'

As the new Vatican policy on gay seminarians comes into focus, the lines are being drawn, and the rebels are being exposed. The policy might give rise to a new phrase in the American Catholic lexicon -- "cafeteria clergy" -- which comes from the term "cafeteria Catholic" describing a Catholic laymen who ignores those Church teachings he disagrees with. Here we have the case of "cafeteria clergy" being exposed for what they are. Their obedience to the pope only goes do far as they agree with him. Once they don't see eye-to-eye, the edicts of the pope aren't worth the paper their printed on. Perhaps this attitude comes from decades of lax disciplinary action by the Vatican. Whatever the case, these "cafeteria clergy" are playing with fire. I don't think Pope Benedict XVI is going to tolerate insubordination in the camp for very long, especially when the safety of children, and the reputation of the Church, is at stake...

US leaders hint at flexibility on gay clergy Officials respond to Vatican decree
NEW YORK -- US Roman Catholic leaders praised the contributions of celibate gay priests in response to a new Vatican pronouncement against homosexuals in the priesthood, a move that could imply some dioceses and religious orders want flexibility in applying church policy...

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Church Officials Say Gay Priests Still Allowed
MT. ANGEL, OR 2005-11-29 (Oregon Considered) - A document released Tuesday from the Vatican on homosexuals in the priesthood has observers of the Catholic church scratching their heads.

It instructs seminaries to exclude men with what the document calls deeply seated homosexual tendencies or those who support the gay culture . But there's some debate about what those terms mean.

Officials at Oregon's only seminary say their admissions policies won't change. Colin Fogarty reports...
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