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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Left-Wing Anti-Catholicism

I just thought y'all might want to see what the new Secular LEFT is saying about us. This is what many of the new Left-wing Liberals really think about us folks....

Nazi Pope tightens fist around innocent Catholics

The Nazi Pope has authorized a US archbishop to EXCOMMUNICATE innocent Catholics because of a FINANCIAL DISPUTE!

Here the Nazi Pope's victims are Polish American Catholics.

For over a century, the St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church managed its own finances, independently of the archdiocese, to meet the specific needs of the Polish community to preserve its unique heritage.

The Stormtrooper Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis, Missouri, took power last year in 2004 and demanded Polish Catholics hand over all their property to his archdiocese.

The Nazi Pope just recently took power and uses the same tactics that Hitler did when he first took power.

The Stormtrooper Archbishop obeys unquestioningly the global effort to consolidate the Nazi Pope's tyrannical power over all Catholics, and by intimidating national governments, over all the human species. The Nazi Pope is the enemy of human rights.

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Any thoughts?