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Thursday, December 8, 2005

Pope to Reinterpret the Second Vatican Council

Forty years after the event, the president of the Pontifical Committee for Historic Sciences, Walter Brandmüller, clears up some historical issues. On December 8th, the Pope will give his assessment.

ROMA, December 5 2005 – Benedict XVI’s homily during the December 8th mass in Saint Peter’s, exactly forty years after the end of the Second Vatican Council, is eagerly awaited.

There are conflicting interpretations within the Church of this event and its consequences. One wide-spread idea is that Vatican II marked a “new beginning” in Church history, and that thanks to it – its “spirit” more than the words of its actual texts – the dogmas, laws, structures and traditions of the Church entered a phase of permanent reform. However, Joseph Ratzinger has shown on a number of occasions that he does not share this reading of the facts. And so has – amongst others – his cardinal vicar for the diocese of Rome, Camillo Ruini.

Only last June Ruini declared: “It is time for history to produce a new reconstruction of Vatican II – one that finally tells a true story”...
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This has the potential of becoming a VERY BIG STORY in the Catholic Church, with implications around the world for each and every practicing Catholic.

It has long been speculated that Pope Benedict XVI would direct the Church back toward a more traditionally Catholic understanding of the council and it's implications. There have long been two schools of thought concerning Vatican II. There are those who say the council kicked off a new age of reform and change which allowed the Church to transform into something totally different than what it was before the council. This was all done in the so-called "spirit of Vatican II." It is this first view that prevails in countries like the United States and Canada. While the second view is that the council says what it says, and the "spirit of Vatican II" is nothing other than the letter of Vatican II. There was nothing specifically wrong with the pre-council Church, and the goal of the council was to 'fine tune' the practices of the Church, not radically alter them. If the above article is accurate, it looks as if we'll get a glimpse of which view will prevail in the years ahead.