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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Russian Orthodox Church backs Vatican on Gay Seminarian Ban

Moscow, Dec. 09 ( - The Russian Orthodox Church has issued a statement of support for the Vatican's Instruction barring the admission of homosexual men to seminaries.

Father Igor Vyzhanov, a spokesman for the Moscow Patriarchate, told the Interfax news agency that while the Russian Orthodox Church differs with Catholicism insofar as married men may be ordained in the Eastern Church, the world's two largest Christian bodies "have a common approach to the problem of homosexuality."

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It's nice to get kudos from other churches on this. I wish other churches (like conservative Evangelical churches) would make similar public statements. Other Christians should keep in mind that the Catholic Church is going to come under serious attack by the Adversary for doing the right thing on this. It helps when other Christians (non-catholic) speak up in support.