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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented today on the two latest examples of attempts by the secular left to censor Christians:

“New York and California are among the most left-wing states in the nation, and now they have added to their legacy by trying to shut down Christian speech in two unrelated incidents.

“In New York, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer unleashed his lawyers yesterday in an effort to stop a pro-adoption group from suing the state on First Amendment grounds: the group, Children First Foundation, wants ‘Choose Life’ license plates to be legal. Spitzer wants the phrase censored.

“California State University, San Bernardino wants to censor a student group, the Christian Student Association, because a) the group has a constitution that references sexual morality, and b) it wants to restrict leadership positions to Christians.

“One of Spitzer’s attorneys, State Assistant Solicitor General Jennifer Grace Miller, told a federal appeals court that the phrase ‘Choose Life’ might lead to road rage. Just think about this. A pro-abortion advocate, who probably owns two dogs and is driving while speaking to her therapist on her cell phone, may drive off the road if she sees a license plate that reminds her that it’s wrong to kill the kids. Quite a gal.

“Cal State at San Bernardino would no doubt find it perfectly acceptable, even commendable, if a group of lefties had a constitution that referenced sexual immorality and relegated all leadership positions to secular supremacists. But that may be redundant—they already have an Academic Senate.

“There’s another way around this. New York could issue ‘Choose Death’ license plates to please the pro-abortion enthusiasts, and Cal State could pressure the Women’s Resource Center to open its doors to Christian men.”