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Friday, January 27, 2006

Alito Filibuster?

Judge Samuel Alito has run the gauntlet, and liberal Democrats are scrambling in an uphill battle to filibuster his confirmation vote to the United States Supreme Court. In the hope of avoiding any charges of bigotry, Democrats trotted out one of their most prize fossils to rally the troops -- none other then the most self-loathing Catholic on capital hill -- Senator John Kerry. Kerry called for a filibuster of Judge Alito today, attempting to block any possibility of another practicing Catholic being seated on the nation's highest court. Almost simultaneously three key Democrats in the Senate defected from the party line opposition, announcing they would vote for Alito's confirmation.

Let's not beat around the bush anymore and just cut to the chase. This isn't really about Judge Sam Alito. This is about abortion -- plain and simple. It's also about bigotry. You see, any judge President Bush nominates for Supreme Court Justice is going to be scrutinized by the Left, because the Democratic Party bows down to the alter of abortion-on-demand. Of course, in Judge Alito's case we have the history of a moderate ruling judge who has received the highest praise possible from everyone he's ever worked with -- especially the Democratic aids he's hired in the past. His rulings have a record of being fair-minded and balanced. He's shown no evidence of trying to advance his own agenda or judicial activism. Yet, liberal Democrats on the Hill are accusing him of being a "radical extremist," and a "threat to American jurisprudence." Why? The answer is simple. Judge Sam Alito is a practicing Catholic, and the Catholic Church teaches that abortion is a grave sin. Therefore, any judicial nominee who practices Catholicism will be viewed as a "radical extremist" by the new left-wing loonies running the Democratic Party. It doesn't matter if the nominee is a man or a woman. It doesn't matter if he's black or white. It doesn't even matter if he has a moderate and level-headed record. If he's Catholic -- he's a problem.

You see, according to the rationale of the new left-wing Democrats, the only good Catholic is a bad Catholic -- one who doesn't practice Catholicism. In order to receive approval from the liberals on Capitol Hill; a Catholic has to in some way voice opposition to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Senator John Kerry is a perfect example. Here we have a "Catholic" Senator, (and I'm using the word "Catholic" very loosely), who publicly opposes the Church's teaching on abortion, euthanasia, stem-cell research, homosexuality and gay marriage. The Church has not taken Kerry lightly on these matters either. After warning him to cease and desist his public assault on Catholicism, Kerry has steadfastly refused to disengage. Because of that, he has now been publicly barred from receiving communion anywhere in the Catholic Church, and formal charges of heresy have been filed against him in the Diocese of Boston's ecclesiastical court system. He now stands in danger of formal excommunication. But as far as what the liberal loonies think; John Kerry is just the little darling of the new Democratic Party.

In contrast now, we have Judge Samuel Alito and Chief Justice John Roberts -- both practicing Catholics. You can't convince me that the Left's fear of Catholicism isn't playing a role in liberal hostility toward them. They're trying to keep their true feelings under raps, but occasionally they slip out.

Of Judge Alito, Eleanor Smeal (president of the Feminist Majority) warned that if he becomes a Supreme Court Justice, "the majority of the Court would be Roman Catholics, which would underrepresent other religions, not to mention nonbelievers." NPR reporter Dahlia Lithwick exclaimed, "People are very, very much talking about the fact that Alito would be the fifth Catholic on the Supreme Court if confirmed." And CBS reporter Mike Wallace snidely commented: "He's a nice Catholic boy and he doesn’t believe in abortions."

Even these shocking comments have been purposely toned down from previous anti-Catholic rhetoric prior to the John Roberts confirmation. Left-wing liberals suffered a backlash after comments like these.
George Soros of approved a picture of a smiling Pope Benedict XVI holding a gavel outside the U.S. Supreme Court. Above the picture was the following inscription: "God Already has a Job. He does not need one on the Supreme Court. Protect the Supreme Court Rules." Rob Boston, Americans United for Separation of Church and State: "Although no direct ties between Roberts and Religious Right groups have surfaced, his wife, Jane Sullivan Roberts, has ties to an anti-abortion group called Feminists for Life. Jane Roberts served on the organization’s board of directors from 1995-99 and did free legal work for it. She also works for the John Carroll Society, a conservative Catholic group that sponsors an annual 'Red Mass' for members of the Supreme Court and others in the legal profession. In Washington, Catholic bishops often use the mass [sic] to put the church’s views of issues like abortion, same-sex marriage and parochial school aid before the justices. The couple, described by acquaintances as devout Roman Catholics, has two children and attends the Church of the Little Flower, a growing parish in Bethesda, Md., whose congregation includes many powerful D.C.-area Catholics. If confirmed, Roberts will become the fourth Catholic on the court. Although religious affiliation is not always indicative of judicial philosophy, Roberts' theological views have sparked a minor flap." Time magazine: The fifth of "Five Things You Need to Know About Roberts," opens with the following: "Roberts is a Catholic who attends a traditional church in Maryland." Christopher D. Morris, Vermont writer and critic, wrote, "If the bishops repeated or confirmed their threats, the Senate Judiciary Committee should draft legislation calling for the automatic recusal of Catholic judges from cases citing Roe v. Wade as a precedent." Former New York mayor, Mario Cuomo, said he would like to see John Roberts asked: "Are you going to impose a religious test on the Constitution? Are you going to say that because the pope says this or the Church says that, you will do it in no matter what?" Larry King said: "Anyone have a problem on him being a devout Catholic?" John MacArthur, publisher of Harper’s Magazine, said: "The Roberts couple seem to be very well-educated; I wonder whether in their high-minded socializing with Clarence and Virginia Thomas (at the College of the Holy Cross) and Robert and Mary Ellen Bork (at the lay Catholic John Carroll Society), they find time for informal book chat…." Dahlia Lithwick, legal analyst for Slate: "And I wouldn’t underestimate the influence of his religion, that Scalia and Thomas, one of the very reasons they may not have drifted leftward has a lot to do with very, very strong religious views that pull them to the right. And I think that probably John Roberts will fall into that camp in that sense." Frances Kissling said: "If this pope will intervene in the ways he has already in Europe, it certainly raises questions for us in the immediate sense of whether he thinks he can tell Roberts how to vote when he gets on the Supreme Court." Bill Press said: "It is absolutely essential to explore Roberts’ religious beliefs as part of the confirmation process." He then added, "Fair to question Roberts about his faith? Of course it is. And those who suggest otherwise should not be taken seriously." Senator Dick Durbin: According to law professor Jonathan Turley, "Roberts was asked by Sen. Richard Durbin what he would do if the law required a ruling that his church considers immoral." Durbin then disputed that he made this remark and Turley responded by saying Durbin made the comment in the NBC makeup room on July 24; Turley also said that he cleared Durbin’s quip with the senator’s press secretary, Joe Shoemaker. Senator Dick Durbin: CNN correspondent Ed Henry, "Now, Senator Durbin, who is Catholic himself, told me today that he believes he needs to look at everything, including the nominee’s faith, as he takes a measure of the man, in this case, Judge Roberts." Tony Harris, CNN Anchor: "Roberts is a Roman Catholic and a political conservative. This week on our 'Faces of Faith' segment we’re going to examine how his faith might influence his profession." CNN flashed two responses to its e-mail question, "What would you ask Supreme Court nominee John Roberts?" They were as follows: a) "If being a devout Catholic would have an influence on any Roe versus Wade decisions, this is very important," and b) "I hope I would ask Roberts if be believes in the separation of church and state." Nina Totenberg on NPR said: "Don’t forget his wife was an officer, a high officer of a pro-life organization. He’s got adopted children. I mean, he’s a conservative Catholic." Suzanne Malveaux on CNN "Inside Politics" said: "We’ve learned a lot more about him in the last 12 hours. We know he’s Roman Catholic. We know his wife is a part of a group, a pro-life organization here. What does that say about the candidate? How important is that going to be in this confirmation?" To which Donna Brazile responded, "I think it's going to be one of the many issues that gets scrutinized when members of the Senate Judiciary Committee sit and talk to him about his views." ...And the list goes on and on. I'm just scratching the surface here.

Clearly, after the backlash from Catholic advocacy groups over the Judge Roberts nomination, the Left was given marching orders to "tone it down." But those who have eyes can see the bigotry right in front of them. The New Left has taken the anti-Catholic torch from the Old Right, and as an ironic twist of history, the Republicans have now become the biggest advocates for Catholics in American government. It's just food for thought in this up coming week.