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Saturday, January 14, 2006

'Alternate Histories' On The Rise

Invasion of ‘Da Vinci’ book clones challenges church history, teaching

MALAGA, Spain (National Catholic Register) -- Some Catholics may be bracing for a new onslaught of confusion about Christ, his teachings and his church when "The Da Vinci Code" movie opens May 19. But few may be aware of a challenge on another front: a growing genre of books that takes church history and gives it a fictional twist under the auspices of entertainment and enlightenment....

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What people are failing to understand is that a massive misinformation campaign is underway. It's sole purpose is to discredit Christianity entirely, and ultimately bring down the Catholic Church. The message of books like "The Di Vinci Code," and similar works, is simple. Christianity is a farce. It's an entire religion devised to cover up a conspiracy, and of course, everybody loves conspiracies.

"The Di Vinci Code" novel is fiction of course. The author even admits that in the preface of his book. It's also chalk full of historical inaccuracies. The basic gist of the novel is that Jesus Christ was nothing more than a popular Jewish rabbi who made no claims of divinity, was married to Mary Magdalene (who was later picked to lead the church), and had a daughter who grew up in hiding in France. The reason no one knows about this is, of course, the "evil" Catholic Church covered it all up. It did it by painting Mary Magdalene out to be a common whore, and then adopted pagan teachings and twisted Jesus into a divine figure of worship. The premise asserts that the Knights Templar kept some records in secret codes and symbols (such as the "Holy Grail" which is really Mary's womb). In recent times these secrets passed to Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo, and of course, Leonardo Di Vinci. By looking through their works - especially Di Vinci's Last Supper and Mona Lisa - the "code" can be deciphered and the "truth" revealed.

With the recent success of the "Di Vinci Code" a plethora of knock-off novels are hitting the bookshelves. In the process, something is happening. Slowly and quietly, history is being rewritten. An entire "alternate history" is being manufactured for people who want to believe it, or who just happen to be ignorant enough to not know any better. In time an entire generation will subscribe to the "Di Vinci Code" alternate history, and in the process, more will turn away from Christianity. That, of course, is the objective.