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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Bar Gives "thumbs up" to Samuel Alito

Judge Samuel Alito has received a unanimous "well-qualified" rating from the American Bar Association. The organization most qualified to determine his qualification has given him a unanimous thumbs-up. It's official! there is no question whatsoever on the qualifications of Judge Samuel Alito. So it will be interesting to see which liberal politicians and media propagandists question his qualifications in the days ahead. We should take special note of those who do. Since there is no question on his qualifications, we can only ask what these politicians and propagandists are trying to hide. Questioning Alito's qualifications will be used as a smokescreen -- plain and simple. It will be used to mask the REAL reason why these people don't like him. Maybe it's because he's conservative. Maybe it's because he's relatively pro-life. Maybe it's because he's Catholic, and they don't want the Supreme Court to be dominated by Catholics. We may never know why these people dislike Alito, because they will probably never tell us. Instead they'll throw out the smokescreen of questioning his qualifications, when the American Bar Association has already stated there is no question of his qualifications.

Alito Gets High Marks From Bar Association

Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito received an unanimous well- qualified rating from the American Bar Association on Wednesday, giving his nomination momentum as the Senate prepares for confirmation hearings next week.

The rating came after a vote of the ABA federal judiciary committee and was delivered in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will launch Alito's confirmation hearings on Monday. Alito will face almost an hour of questioning from each of the 18 senators on the committee.

"As a result of our investigation, the committee is of the unanimous opinion that Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr. is well-qualified for appointment as associate justice of the United States Supreme Court," said Stephen L. Tober, chairman of the ABA panel.

The ABA rating _ the highest _ is the same that Alito received back in when President Bush's father, George H.W. Bush, nominated him to the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals...

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