Thursday, January 19, 2006

Guessing the State of the Union

As we approach the State of the Union address on January 31, I would like to make some predictions on what the President will propose. First, as a moral leader, I believe that President Bush’s heart is truly compassionate and he is sincere in his intentions. He is led by principles and not by polls. You have to admire a man who believes what he says and acts accordingly. Be it the rebuilding in Iraq or fighting the “War on Terrorism,” he is determined to, in his words, “say the course.” When the President speaks, I have a tendency to believe what he says and that he means it. With that being said, here are a few guesses on the 2006 State of the Union:

1. The President will take this opportunity to talk about many of the successes in Iraq, unfortunately, as has been typical, he will use the same tired quips that he has used since the beginning of the War. Although I believe the War was just, the President and his administration has done a poor job of maintaining support when the going got tough. This is not because the campaign is not going well, but it is being shed in a bad light in the media and not well defended by the President. I don’t see that this will change.
2. I think the President will hint at the growing treat in Iran. I believe he will shy away from using the term “evil” but will defer this one to the UN.
3. More spending. The State of the Union, and this is not just President GW Bush, but all presidents, have used this public address to proposal new spending. From the looks of early reports, we will see a great increase in the spending on Health Care. It scares me that the Democrats may get their socialized Canadian-style health care through the back door. Since when has the problem been solved by throwing more money into a government program. Privatize all health care if you want results.
4. Liberia. I am going on a limb with this one. Something will be said about this African country and the turning around of the corrupt government with the election of a new (female Ivy-league economics educated) President. I can’t recall her name, but from what I have read, she understands what freedom from government is all about.
5. More spending on “relief” for AIDS in Africa. This boat didn’t float before, but this is something the President believes in.
6. A call to make the tax cuts permanent.
7. A call to renew the Patriot Act.
8. Nothing will be said on the supposed “ease-dropping” by the government. Rightly so.

In the Democrats rebuttal, which begs the question why they even get this time, they will:
1. Complain and criticize
2. Offer no solutions

That one is easy.

I hope everyone takes the time and interest to watch the State of the Union. I know that it is not Desperate Housewives or CSI (my favorite) but it is vital to your participation as a citizen.

Let’s remember to keep our elected officials accountable to the principles that got them elected.