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Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Liberal Goatherd

Satirical Look at Hearings A Parody of Sound of Music Song

WASHINGTON —Fidelis, a Catholic based advocacy group announced the launched an internet-based animated advertising campaign to coincide with the confirmation hearings of Judge Samuel Alito. The initial ad is designed to illustrate the heavy influence of Left wing groups over Senators on the Judiciary Committee, and shows how the radical agenda championed by these groups will likely dictate much of the attacks on Alito during his confirmation hearings.

“The ad reveals the unfortunate reality of the Left and their allies in the Senate—liberals who want to use activist judges to implement a far left policy agenda that a vast majority of Americans simply do not support,” Fidelis President Joseph Cella stated.

The ad is a parody of The Sound of Music’s “The Lonely Goatherd” by Rodgers and Hammerstein, and takes a satirical look at the Alito hearings and the beliefs that connect liberal groups and their allies in the Senate.

Cella continued: “I think it’s important to show how many of the Senators that attack Judge Alito are working hand in glove with the leadership of far left wing groups that have a policy agenda to protect. Rather than a real debate about the proper role of a judge, the law and the Constitution, Senators and many left wing groups declare Alito unfit because he refuses to commit to enacting their policy preferences from the bench.”

“The paranoid and cynical campaign by liberal groups and their allies in the Senate is so far outside the mainstream it is difficult to take it seriously. Judge Alito has consistently shown himself to be a careful judge who consistently applies the law ignoring the policy preferences of both the left and the right. Our ad, while light hearted in nature, presents a creative opportunity to show how out of touch the Left and their allies in the Senate are with the rest of America,” Cella stated.

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