Monday, January 23, 2006

Making Trouble with Email

If you believe in something, I really think you should do a little something about it.  Here is a string of emails that I send out in righteous trouble making and glad-handing.  Blogging and posting comments is one thing, but getting out there and taking further action is quite another!  Go make some legal and morally correct trouble!

Email #1 – Senator Mazzei – Oklahoma State Sentator

Dear Senator Mazzei,
As you may already know, in the upcoming session of the Oklahoma Senate there will be several bills that pertain to the growing concern of the government abuse of eminent domain laws. I urge you, for the sake of individual liberty, to support the protection of Oklahomans against the heavy hand of the government.  As with the case of Centennial Baptist Church in Sand Springs, in the desire to have economic development for that region of Tulsa County, but with the lack of protection for the individual rights to property, we see the growing political nightmare.
I wish you the best in this upcoming session and you have my continued support as you work for the betterment of the people of you region.


Thank you for your inquiry about eminent domain issues in Oklahoma.  We have legislators and attorneys now studying how best to tackle the issue in Oklahoma so that a situation similar to the one in New Jersey does not occur here.  I plan on supporting their efforts.
Senator Mike Mazzei
(via executive secretary Pam Hodges)

Email #2 – To NewTalk KRMG (Tulsa, OK)
KRMG news crew,
Long time listener, first time...emailer.
I am sure you are following this story, but I would love to hear more about it on the air.  I am sure that this has the potential to go national.  
The eminent domain case of Centennial Baptist Church in Sand Spring, making way for some big-box stores, and the conflict with the 2025 plan was just feature in an article (Jan 17th) on National Review Online.  It would be great to hear from Reverend Gildon and the proponents of 2025.  
Hi Josh,
I've been following this story closely. When there's actual eminent domain issues involved in it, I will get involved also.
Joe Kelley
KRMG Morning News Host
News Talk 740 KRMG
Tulsa, OK

Hey Josh:
Thanks for the e-mail. I've been out for the last few days.... but I'll get someone on it....
Thanks for the tip. Appreciate you listening
John Durkee
News Director
Cox Radio-Tulsa
KRMG, K95.5FM, Mix 96, Star 103.3FM and the New Spirit 102.3

Email #3 – Heather Wilhelm, the National Review Online writer who broke the story
I wanted to write and say "thank you" for bringing to my attention the issue of Centennial Baptist Church in Sand Springs, OK.  Outraged at the action of the 2025 project, I plan to take my own actions and make sure that this is played in the media more than it already is.
I hope all is well in Chicago.  I am from that area and miss my Cubs.  Give a "hello" to Wrigley Field from me.
Response -
Hi Josh,
Thanks for writing.   I'm really happy that you can help out.   You should get in touch with Pat Highland...she's putting together the coalition to fight this in Oklahoma.   Her cell phone number is (918) 688-5962.
Best wishes.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for the Cubs.