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Sunday, January 8, 2006

More "Book of Daniel"

Imagine a television program that contains sexual situations, drug content, ethnic stereotypes, a permissive view of homosexuality and scattered crude language and humor. All this wrapped in a the premise of a scandalous religious facade. In the United States we have repealed our sense of justice to a degree that victimizes the vast majority. As the networks continue to air shows that degrade the viewing public for the supposed witty writing of a vast minority, they act against the ideals of justice. Now, does NBC have the right to air such programs as "The Book of Daniel." Yes, they have the right to put up whatever trash they chose to air, but as I have pointed out in this blog before, NBC has shown that it is not capable of airing programming that people will watch. As they appeal to the lowest denominators, they are only hurting themselves. So I say that NBC should show 24-hours a day "Book of Daniel" type programming, lose all viewers and therefore all advertising dollars. Not that anyone would know.

By the way, the show that I asked you to imagine at the start of this blog is exactly how the USSCB (United State Conference of Catholic Bishop) described the offensive content of this show.

So if you feel, as a private citizen, that this show is too much for you, then I urge you to write to your local NBC affiliate and let them know. This is your right and it can easily be exercised.