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Sunday, January 1, 2006

Pope Sharply Rebukes Iranian President

Since the mainstream media (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN & MSNBC) has become so inept at reporting the historical facts concerning Pope Pius XII and the Nazi Germany era. I've taken it upon myself to chronicle the pope's comments about the new and upcoming 'Nazi' regime in Iran. As I've mentioned previously in this blog, Pope Pius XII was very outspoken against Adolf Hitler's regime, and actively worked undercover to subvert it. This is a historical fact that is well documented in Rabbi David Dalin's new book: "The Myth of Hitler's Pope." But the alphabet networks of the mainstream media seem to be more interested in historical revisionism than actual history. In the coming years, after Iran is revealed to the world as the new 'Nazi Germany' of the 21st century, I'm sure some people will attempt to blame the current pope for the rise of Ahmandinejab, just as they blamed the pope of the 1930-40s for the rise of Hitler. Just for the record, the pope said the following today...

Pope uses message to attack hardline Iran
by Christopher Morgan

THE Pope has used his inaugural new year message to launch a veiled attack on Iran’s hardline leadership.

Pope Benedict’s comments follow calls by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for Israel to be “wiped off” the global map and his recent dismissal of the Holocaust.

The Pope said: “Authorities who incite their citizens to hostility to other countries bear a heavy responsibility and make the future of humanity more uncertain and anonymous.”

The message, issued by the Vatican yesterday, pointed to “signs of hope” and highlighted “a decrease in the number of armed conflicts” around the world.

However, the Pope condemned the growth in arms expenditure and, in another apparent swipe at Iran, mocked governments who relied on, or aspired to obtaining, a nuclear arsenal...

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