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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Cartoon Jihad

I've got just one thing to say to those who are rioting in the middle east over derogatory cartoon images of Mohammad....


Catholics, Jews and other Christians have been enduring similar derogatory images for centuries. You don't see us rioting in the streets. It just goes to show how immature and childish many of today's Muslims are. We Christians are not exactly "thrilled" when Jesus is portrayed by some cartoonist in a derogatory way. We Catholics aren't exactly "tickled" every time we're regularly lampooned by cartoons, magazines, books, and movies. I'm sure most Jews don't particularly care to see their people and religion mocked in similar ways. Yet when was the last time you saw Christians and Jews rioting the streets over the way we're commonly portrayed in the secular media. There's a level of maturity that can be seen in western religions, not seen lately in the middle east. More and more these days, it seems that the Islamic answer to western freedom is violence. It's both cowardly and infantile.

I understand that not all Muslims feel this way, and I also understand that there are many Muslims who find these kinds of demonstrations reprehensible and juvenile. Christians and Jews stand together with these Muslims in denouncing this ridiculous violence in the middle east.