Monday, February 13, 2006

Gimme That Ol' Time Religion

Pope Benedict XVI seems to be steadily fulfilling predictions of restoring the liturgical integrity of the Catholic Church. Both conservatives and traditionalists should be relatively pleased. Benedict's moderated approach seems to be allowing a return to the traditional use of Latin in the Novus Ordo mass, as well as a permissive return of the ancient Tridentine mass. It would seem that the Society of St. Pope Pius X may play some role in the latter....

Cardinal says pope will opt for 'gentle' fix of liturgical abuses

The Vatican's top liturgy official, Cardinal Francis Arinze, said he expects Pope Benedict XVI to move against liturgical abuse with firm teaching and a gentle manner, recognising that such mistakes often reflect ignorance, not ill will.

Catholic News Service reports that at the same time, the pope wants to offer reconciliation to followers of the late French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre - but not at the cost of "disowning" the Second Vatican Council, said Cardinal Francis Arinze, the Nigerian who heads the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments.

Cardinal Arinze spoke about the direction of the new papacy. He said he expected important moves - but not a purge - to improve liturgy under Pope Benedict.

"I do not expect an aggressive correction of abuses. I don't think the pope is going to use the ecclesiastical hammer," Cardinal Arinze said.

"Pope Benedict has very clear doctrine and convictions. What many people may not know is that he is not rough. He is gentlemanly, in the sense of what the prophet Isaiah said: 'A bruised reed he will not break,'" the cardinal said.

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Pope to find quick solution to Lefevbre situation

(AGI) - Vatican City, Feb. 13 - Speaking to the cardinals in charge of the various Roman Curia departments, Pope Benedict XVI confirmed his intention to find a rapid solution to the issue of the followers of monsignor Marcel Lefebvre, who seem willing to join back the Church.

On August 29, the Pope met with the chief representative of the S. Pius X Brotherhood, monsignor Bernard Fellay, and during the meeting Fellay told him that he was in favour of a quick solution of the whole issue. The Pope is said to be willing to allow the followers of the schismatic bishop to maintain their own liturgy and a certain degree of independence in terms of discipline, which would add up to acknowledge their different 'ritual'.

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