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Thursday, February 2, 2006

Liberals Losing It!

This is yet one more reason why the Democratic Party is losing power folks. The DNC leadership has to bow down and appease liberal power-brokers like Julian Bond -- Chairman of the NAACP. Just look at what this lunatic had to say about Republicans last night....

NAACP chairman compares GOP to Nazis

Civil rights activist and NAACP Chairman Julian Bond delivered a blistering partisan speech at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina last night, equating the Republican Party with the Nazi Party and characterizing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her predecessor, Colin Powell, as "tokens."

"The Republican Party would have the American flag and the swastika flying side by side," he charged...

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So according to the NAACP, if you're a Republican, you're a Nazi -- LITERALLY! If you know anybody who is a Republican, you're consorting with Nazis -- LITERALLY! This is why American liberals, and the Democratic Party, have come unhinged in recent years. They're so blinded by their petty partisanship that they've actually become STUPID! Yes, I said STUPID. You can't call half of all American voters "Nazis" and expect anyone to take you seriously anymore. The American people see through this kind of nonsense, and they're not pleased by it. This is why Democrats lost BIG in 2002 and 2004 and will lose again in 2006 and 2008. Democrats are in the minority now, and based on the way things are going, it looks like they had better get used to it.