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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Crusades Finally Vindicated!

I've always held that the crusades were a legitimate military response to Islamic jihads against Christianity and western civilization. Studying the history of Islam prior to the crusades vindicates them entirely. It is only modern Politically Correct (PC) fascists who try to pervert the history of that time period to portray Christianity as the aggressor, when the historical facts clearly reveal that the crusades were primarily a defensive campaign. It should be pointed out that the Holy Land (Palestine/Israel) was peacefully occupied by Christians prior to the invasion of Islamic hoards, who took the Holy Land by force, and then attacked and killed European civilians making pilgrimages to the Holy Land. Then only after Muslim forces continued to push their way northward into central Europe, Christian forces finally struck back in the conflicts known as 'the crusades.' While some atrocities are undeniable, for the most part, the Christian knights who fought the crusades were heroes -- even by today's standards...

Vatican conference defends Crusades

VATICAN CITY, Vatican City (UPI) -- A conference sponsored by the Vatican portrayed the Crusades as a heroic response to the Muslim invasion of the Christian Holy Land.

The view of history put forward by scholars who attended the weekend symposium at Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University were at variance with those expressed by the late Pope John Paul II in 2000, the Times of London reported. He apologized to Muslims for the series of invasions of their lands.

Pope Benedict XVI was apparently one of the Vatican conservatives who disagreed with John Paul.

Italian historian Roberto de Mattei called the Crusades "a response to the Muslim invasion of Christian lands and the Muslim devastation of the Holy Places."

While some of the historians who attended acknowledged that Crusaders sometimes mistreated Muslims, they said that the reverse was also true and typical of the age.

The First Crusade was invited by the Byzantine Emperor Alexius, who asked for help because Muslims were barring Christian pilgrims from the holy sites. Ironically, later Crusaders sacked Constantinople.