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Monday, March 27, 2006

Europe's Baby Bust

(BBC News): EU states are trying to understand why the birth rate is falling - and if anything can be done to stem the decline. All this week, the BBC News website is asking women in various countries how they feel about being asked to have more babies, and how easy or difficult it is to combine motherhood and work.

Here, the BBC News website's Clare Murphy asks why governments are so concerned about the size of their populations.

William The Conqueror was counting people nearly 1,000 years ago, and his European descendants are still at it. Small, today's politicians contend, isn't beautiful.

Europe's working-age population is shrinking as fertility rates decline. In a fit of gloom, one German minister recently warned of the country "turning the light out" if its birth rate did not pick up...

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Yes, Europe is in trouble. As the native European population declines, the EU will have no choice but to import more immigrants to fill the space, or else loose their welfare state due to a declining worker population. Unfortunately for Europe, the majority of people who want to immigrate to the EU are Muslims from Africa and central Asia. Thus Europe's declining native population will ultimately be replaced by a rising Muslim population. Demographic studies indicate that Muslim families reproduce at an average of 3.5 children per household, while native European families only reproduce at an average of 1.3 children per household. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the math. The EU is steadily becoming an Islamic state. Conservative estimates predict the Muslim takeover will occur sometime within the next 50 years. I, on the other hand, think it will happen much sooner because of a social phenomenon I like to call "critical mass." My theory of "critical mass" basically proposes that when a certain cultural group becomes large enough, thus reaching a "critical mass," it starts to attract converts from other cultural groups. The critical mass level can vary from society to society, so it's impossible to predict exactly what percentage that critical mass is. Suffice it to say, it's probably somewhere around 25%. The Islamic culture of Europe is reproducing at a shocking rate already, and once the EU starts importing more Muslim immigrants to save their welfare state, that growth rate will only increase. I suspect Europe will probably meet its Islamic critical mass in about 30 years or less. Once that happens, native Europeans will start converting to Islam in large numbers, and once that happens -- it's over. Europe will be lost to Islam indefinitely.

EU governments are now asking why? Why did this happen, and what can be done to stop it? The Catholic Knight has the answer, and it's anything but original. The social and fiscal liberalism, prized by European intellectuals for decades, has finally taken its toll. Secular Liberalism encourages a materialistic outlook on life, which in turn results in lower birthrates. {see details here} Those lower birthrates eventually put the liberal welfare state in jeopardy. You need more workers than receivers to keep a welfare state working. So the only answer liberalism has to offer is "get more workers." But if governments can't get those workers from their own populations (due to falling birthrates), they must look elsewhere. Thus immigrants become the primary source of much needed population growth. This isn't as big of a problem in places like the USA, because North America has a vast resource of immigrant population just south of the boarder in Catholic Mexico. While the USA has historically been a Protestant nation culturally, a slow immigrant transformation into a Catholic nation is a change, but not a dramatic one. Granted, Catholics and Protestants have had their history of differences, but when a population shifts from one form of Christianity to another, you generally don't see the "clash of civilizations" like you do when a population shifts from Christian to Muslim. Unfortunately, the EU doesn't have a vast resource of Catholic immigrants to draw from, like the USA does. The majority of people who want to move to Europe just happen to be Muslims, and so long as native Europeans fail to reproduce, European governments are forced to take what they can get.

So what's the solution? Simple. The Secular Liberalism, prized by European intellectuals for decades, must be abandoned. If it isn't, than it's over for Europe. The Muslim takeover of the EU will no longer be a question of if, but rather when? To survive as non-Muslim entities, European governments must do a critical thing. They must embrace Christianity as their national identity, and stop adopting policies that make it difficult for churches to function. Christianity must be given a level playing field with other religions both on an official level, and on a cultural level. The secular media must be careful how it portrays Christianity, so as to not unfairly slander it. The public school systems must be mindful of Christian students and their religious obligations. They must also be willing to fire any teacher that abuses their position to ridicule the Christian religion.

But why should the EU do these things? How does embracing Christianity solve Europe's Muslim population problem? Putting aside all personal prejudice; let us look simply at the historical record. In the last 2,000 years; Europe has existed under three cultural paradigms. The first was ancient Paganism, which eventually resulted in a static population growth rate, and an eventual decline of the governing empire. The second was Christianity, which resulted in a positive population growth rate and the rebirth of western civilization. The third was Secular Liberalism. While it's only ruled for less than a century, it has already resulted in a negative population growth rate so profound that it threatens the existence of western civilization itself. Of the three paradigms, the third (Secular Liberalism) has proved to be the biggest failure. As far as population growth is concerned, even ancient Paganism would be preferable. But history demonstrates that Christianity (particularly Catholicism) works best. The shocking truth that nobody seems to want to admit is this. The only thing that can stand as a long-term barrier between western civilization and Islamic law is a robust Christian religion. Europe abandoned this model less than a century ago, and now because of that, Europeans stand to loose everything within a generation.