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Friday, March 3, 2006

Missouri Becomes Third State to Propose Abortion Ban

South Dakota has done it. Mississippi is considering it. Now Missouri is the latest state to propose legislation banning nearly all abortions.

Republican State Senator Jason Crowell introduced the resolution yesterday. It would ban all abortions in Missouri, except when giving birth would put the mother's life at risk. If the legislature endorses it, voters would decide on the ban in November.

While the U.S. Supreme Court has spoken on the matter with Roe versus Wade, Crowell wants them to reconsider. He hopes a new state law will force a future showdown in the courts. Crowell says, "The only way in which to overturn a Supreme Court decision, is with a new Supreme Court opinion."

He adds, "This is about no longer playing on the fringes of abortion, and putting squarely before the Missouri voters, an up or down vote."

If voters approved the measure, it would be in conflict with existing constitutional law. St. Louis University law professor Roger Goldman says it will likely be struck down in state and federal courts, and he expects the U.S. Supreme Court would not agree to hear the case...

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