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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

U.S. Politicians Discuss 'War on Christians'

Tuesday capped a two-day conference that covered ''every aspect'' of the far-reaching assault on Christians and Judeo-Christian values.

WASHINGTON – Tuesday capped a two-day conference that covered “every aspect” of the far-reaching assault on Christians and Judeo-Christian values from activist organizations, government, Hollywood and America's cultural elite.

Around 400 evangelicals packed into a ballroom at the Omni Shorehman Hotel in Washington, D.C., for the conference on the “War on Christians and the Value Voters in 2006.” The two-day event featured panel discussions including "Christian Persecution: Reports from The Frontlines," "Jews Confront The War On Christians," "Hollywood: Christians Through A Distorted Lens," “The Judiciary: Overruling God," and "Taking Our Faith To The Ballot Box."

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It's nice to see a Catholic in this predominately Evangelical event. Senator Sam Brownback was there. Really, Catholics and Evangelicals need to hook-up more on these things. Just because we see differences between us, doesn't mean our enemies in the world do. In fact, Hollywood views all of Christianity through a distorted lens, and that would include Catholics and Evangelicals together. Honestly, those who despise Christianity really don't care if you're Catholic or Evangelical. To them, we're just two peas in a pod. They'll attack one group just as easily as the other. I dare say that if Catholics and Evangelicals could WORK TOGETHER on projects such as this, the result would be a religious voting-block so formidable, that virtually no politician would be able to get elected in this country without pandering to it. Hollywood would be economically forced to market to this group as well. I really do see the possibility of this happening, and I hope Evangelical and Catholic leaders are already starting to coordinate their efforts. If they're not, than shame on them.