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Saturday, April 1, 2006

Are Gays Selected For Extinction?

Let's play devil's advocate and just assume that the reason for homosexuality is totally the result of genetic disposition. Let's just assume that gay people can't help being gay simply because they're genetically programmed to be that way.

Now, let's ask ourselves one single question. WHY?

Why would mother nature program a person, mammal, or some other organism to be "gay." We can only conclude one of two things. Either it's a genetic mistake, the equivalent of a chromosomal hiccup like a birth defect, or mother nature fully intended to let this happen. If the former is the case, than homosexuality is nothing more than a genetic disease -- sort of like alcoholism. If the latter is the case, and mother nature fully intended homosexuals to be that way, than there is only one reason why that would be the case. She has naturally selected them for extinction.

This is because homosexuals cannot reproduce, unless they go against their genetically programed behavior, and engage in heterosexual sex. So if they just do what mother nature supposedly intended them to do, because she made them gay, than it's obvious that she never intended them to reproduce. If she never intended them to reproduce, than she has obviously selected their genome for extinction.

Don't ask me why homosexuals have been naturally selected for extinction. Who knows the reason why? The reason for the selection may have nothing to do with homosexuality at all, but clearly homosexuality (if genetic) is the method mother nature uses to accomplish their extinction.

So, if homosexuality is genetic, than it's either a birth defect (disease), or else it's mother nature's polite way of saying she doesn't want a certian genome around anymore.

That's not bigotry folks. That's just biology.