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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Give California Back to Mexico?

California Senate Votes Against America

The planned boycott of American businesses on Monday by groups who support "rights" for illegal aliens has gained a new ally: the California Senate. In a mind-boggling move, the legislative body passed a resolution which supports the "Great American Boycott 2006." In other words, the California Senate is siding with illegal aliens and against the overwhelming will of the American people...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: You know, this is starting to get ridiculous. American politicians have been 'asleep at the switch' for so long on this whole illegal alien thing, that I'm starting to think our country deserves whatever it gets. California (my childhood home) has been so overwhelmed by illegal aliens that a good chunk of the California economy is virtually dependent on them. So profoundly so that California politicians would rather side with Mexican illegals than the people of the United States. I've said for years that California already has the economy and resources of a small country, and as soon as the State realizes that it doesn't need America anymore, IT WILL secede from the United States. Now initially it will probably try to become it's own country, but as soon as the secession happens, California will be inundated by illegal aliens from Mexico, all demanding the right to vote. Liberal politicians (who run the State) will give that right to them of course, and once they do, it won't be long before California is annexed by the Mexican government.

I know, I know; you think it can never happen. I say just sit back and watch.