Friday, April 28, 2006

Maybe I'll Join OPUS DEI -- Just To Freak People Out!

Opus Dei: A Closer Look at the Orthodox Catholic Group

WASHINGTON -- The image of Opus Dei that filmgoers will see when The DaVinci Code opens May 19th is of a secretive, sinister, sometimes violent organization within the Catholic Church....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: When I read slanderous stuff like this, it makes my blood boil. Nothing could be further from the truth. Now that millions of Americans will be exposed to this lie, I think I just might join this alleged "secretive, sinister, and sometimes violent organization" just so I can tell people I'm a card carrying member. You know, maybe I can give them a cheap thrill if they believe that kind of nonsense. Just think of the "sinister" sound to it: "The Catholic Knight of Opus Dei." Why, it almost sounds like it could be the title of another Dan Brown novel.