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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Papal Influence in Europe Intensifies

At a time when the European Union appears to be falling apart at its seams, European citizens and politicians are gradually turning to the leadership of one man for solutions.

Looking northward from his balcony at the Vatican must spur some disheartening, even frustrating, thoughts in the mind of Pope Benedict xvi. A bevy of problems are erupting across virtually the entire continent of Europe. Millions of rioters fill the streets in France. Germany is trying to prevent the same. Islam‘s imprint is intensifying in more than a few European nations. National economies are ailing. Added to all this, the pope is acutely aware that for years Europe has been deteriorating spiritually. Large factions of European society are no longer governed by a lucid moral compass.

It’s abundantly clear: economically, politically, socially, morally, religiously—Europe lacks leadership.

As he surveys Europe’s ailing landscape today, the pope surely ponders the greatness of the Continent’s history, when it was heavily influenced and even dominated by the Roman Catholic Church. As the pontiff contrasts today’s Europe with the Europe of yesteryear, a solution to the Continent’s ailing condition must ring clear in his mind: Europe needs a dominant Vatican.

The restoration of Europe to its Catholic roots lies at the top of the pope’s to-do list. No issue is more important. Read his books; read the lines and between the lines of his speeches; watch where he travels, look who he talks to—Pope Benedict xvi is on a quest to restore Europe to its Christian roots.

This isn’t something he is trying to play down or hide: Pope Benedict xvi has clearly and publicly delineated that he wants the restoration of Europe to its Christian roots to be the defining theme of his papacy....

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