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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Pope's Three-Point Agenda for Voting Catholics

Reposted From November of 2006...

It's simple, and it's easy to remember! Pope Benedict XVI outlined the three-point agenda for Catholics in politics and elections.

The three-point agenda is...
  1. "Pro-Life"
  2. "Pro-Family"
  3. "School-Choice"
The pope's three-point agenda of Catholic Social Justice comes in a timely manner, as Catholics in the USA prepare for the 2006 Congressional election and the 2008 Presidential election. The pope clarified...

Benedict XVI said that the focus of public interventions by the Catholic Church "is the protection and promotion of the dignity of the person and she is thereby consciously drawing particular attention to principles which are not negotiable."

The Pope spelled out these principles thus:

-- "protection of life in all its stages, from the first moment of conception to natural death";

-- "recognition and promotion of the natural structure of the family -- as a union between a man and a woman based on marriage -- and its defense from attempts to make it juridically equivalent to radically different forms of union which in reality harm it and contribute to its de-stabilization, obscuring its particular character and its irreplaceable social role";

-- and "the protection of the right of parents to educate their children."

Common to all

Benedict XVI clarified: "These principles are not truths of faith, even though they receive further light and confirmation from faith; they are inscribed in human nature itself and therefore they are common to all humanity."

"The Church's action in promoting them is therefore not confessional in character, but is addressed to all people, prescinding from any religious affiliation they may have," he said....

read full story here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: As Roman Catholics we need to spread the word. Please tell as many of your Catholic friends and neighbors about the pope's three-point agenda for the upcoming elections. Feel free to direct them to this story on this web page. Here is the URL to cut and paste if you need it:

Then the next thing we need to do is start searching for candidates that best fit the three-point agenda. My understanding is that the three-points are already arranged in their level of importance. The first point (sanctity of human life) is the most important, with the traditional family structure being the second most important, and choice in education being the third most important. Let's really hold our politicians' feet to the fire on these issues. If they want the Catholic vote, let's make them earn it!

I encourage you to pass this message on to as many Catholics as possible. Once again; here is the URL to this web page if your need it: