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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Vatican Secret Meeting and Mysterious Document

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It's been nearly a month since the Pope's secret meeting with the Curia (see story here) and still no word from the Holy See about it. Speculation abounds as to the mysterious "document" that has been signed. What does it all mean? The most popular conjecture deals with the possibility that the "document" deals with a broader use of the old Latin (Tridentine) mass in the modern Church, and the meeting itself dealt with a possible reconciliation with the Latin based Society of Pope Pius X (SPPX). The only question that remains is WHEN will the Holy Father decide to reveal the secret?

On a note of personal speculation, I would suspect that the Holy Feast of Pentecost would probably be the most likely venue for such an announcement. This is because the feast deals with such themes of reconciliation, renewal and of course -- language. That's my GUESS anyway, and I am quick to admit that it's only a guess.