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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Catholic Church Stands ALONE Against 'Dictatorship of Relativism'

Counter defamation of the Church, Vatican official urges

( - The Da Vinci Code is a part of a campaign of "real defamation against the Church," according to a ranking Vatican official.

Archbishop Angelo Amato, who had earlier called for a boycott of the movie, denounced The Da Vinci Code again in a Radio Vatican interview on May 17: the day that Ron Howard's film version of the Dan Brown novel made its debut before critics at the Cannes festival. Archbishop Amato, the secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, appeared on Vatican Radio before critics gave their evaluation of the movie. The archbishop said that in today's world the Catholic Church is the sole visible and organized defender of marriage and family life. Therefore, he said, the Church is often a target for those who reject traditional moral teachings on issues of sexuality or bioethics...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Any practicing Catholic, who is in tune with current events, knows that anti-Catholicism remains as the last acceptable prejudice in the 'Politically Correct' world. As far as the mainstream Left is concerned, it's okay to rewrite the history of the Catholic Church, slander deceased clerics who can no longer defend themselves, and mock the religion in general, because that fits in with their agenda. Why? The Catholic Church remains as the world's sole visible and organized defender of traditional marriage, family values and unborn babies. It is true that there are smaller Evangelical churches, that hold to these same values, and they deserve recognition for that. However, these organizations are tiny compared to the one-billion member Catholic Church, and they are relatively unorganized as well. The Secular Left knows what it's doing. If they can successfully knock down the biggest boy on the block, the rest will run and scatter. Hence their concentrated efforts to attack, slander, belittle, and otherwise defame the Catholic Church. Baptists, Pentecostals, Evangelicals and Fundamentalists may not realize it, but like it or not, the Catholic Church is the best friend they ever had. Because, if ever Rome falls to the rising tide of anti-Christian prejudice and bigotry, their tiny denominations and affiliations will fall down like dominoes soon after. If ever the Catholic Church is made irrelevant in western civilization, smaller Christian organizations will have no choice but to go back underground and wait out the centuries of darkness to follow.