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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

A Declaration of American Renewal

Leaders of values voters believe that we need a common declaration of our values and a common plan for solving the problems facing America. That is why we organized and drafted the Values Voters’ Contract with Congress. This document was drafted by a number of leaders. For a listing of a number of signers, click here.

There are two versions of the Contract: the full version and the short version. The full version underscores our founding principles, diagnoses our present problems, and lists practical solutions to these problems, including pending legislative remedies in many cases. The short version of the Contract begins with an abbreviated preamble and lists the same legislative remedies.

In any contract, both sides take action. We are petitioning Congress and asking them to enact the ideas stated in the Contract. As values voters we pledge to take action by informing ourselves and our friends and encouraging our elected representatives to enact the ideas stated in the Contract.

Your Role as a “ValuesVoter”

We invite you to join us as a ValuesVoter. A ValuesVoter is a person that believes in American values and is willing to ask their friends and elected representatives to take action in support of these values.

As a ValuesVoter, we invite you to do four things:

  • Read and sign the Values Voters’ Contract with Congress;
  • Encourage your friends to sign up as a ValuesVoter;
  • Encourage your elected representative to take action at appropriate times (we will let you know as these times arise).