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Friday, May 5, 2006

Episcopal Church About to Implode!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: To all my Episcopal brethren out there... COME HOME TO ROME!!! Splinter groups will not work, nor can they. Episcopalians have been trying that for three decades now. The only way out of this mess is to come back into communion with the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican has now forbidden the ordination of all homosexuals to the priesthood. The Holy See has directed all of our seminaries to effectively become a "no gay zone." Under the protection of the pope, you will find refuge. It's time to leave the desert to the snakes...

Church Braces for Possible Election of Gay Bishop
Decision by Bay Area Episcopal diocese could reopen rifts caused by a similar vote in 2003.

The possible election this week of an openly gay bishop to lead a Bay Area diocese of the Episcopal Church would have repercussions likely to reverberate throughout the 77-million-member worldwide Anglican Communion.

On Saturday representatives of parishioners and clergy of the Diocese of California, which is centered in San Francisco, will select their next bishop from among seven nominees, including two gays and one lesbian...

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