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Thursday, May 4, 2006

E.U. Forces Gay-Marriage on Catholic Countries

EU to Force Poland, Malta, Italy to Recognize Gay “Marriages”
Is advancing leftist “soft totalitarianism,” that wants “atheist, nihilistic” state religion

The European Union continues to favour the homosexual movement’s program at the expense of national sovereignty and religious rights. A new law coming into effect today effectively orders the countries of the Union to “facilitate” homosexual partners who have “married” in their home countries and want to live or travel in countries where their unions are not legally recognized.

The law is intended to allow EU citizens to move around the Union as freely as they do within their own countries. The directive means that citizens within the EU will no longer be obliged to obtain a residence permit when moving to another member state. When registering in their new country, homosexual couples may use the European Courts to force sovereign countries to recognize their unions...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Wake up America! This is what the Left-wing Liberals want here in the USA too. Sadly, we live in a time when a vote for the Democratic Party, is a vote for this kind of pro-gay totalitarianism in the not-so-distant future.