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Monday, May 29, 2006


THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It has begun! The "springtime of evangelism" that Pope John Paul II invoked is now seeing its fruition in the Third Millennium. Recent scandals in the Catholic Church have merely been God's method of clearing the decks just before he sends his ship into battle. The final age of Christianity is underway. In the 21st century, I truly believe we can expect to see three major trends take place which will shape the religious-social-political environment for the entire Third Millennium....

1.) The alignment of God's enemies against traditional Christianity (this becomes more obvious every day, and will probably culminate in the creation of a religious "anti-church" that resembles Catholicism, but is fundamentally anti-Catholic -- especially on moral issues.)
2.) The decline of mainline Protestantism, followed by the self-destruction of Evangelicalism (conservative protestant churches, organizations and communities will not be able to withstand the coming cultural oppression of traditional Christianity. Conservative Protestant churches will scatter, heading underground, while some liberal Protestant churches will allign with the emerging "anti-church")
3.) The re-emergence of the Catholic Church as the dominating voice of ALL the Christian people

Major Signs of Religious Revival Seen in France and Quebec

May 26, 2006 ( - France, once called the Eldest Daughter of the Church, has begun to awaken from her deep secular slumber, and so has her daughter Québec. France and Québec have been the respective leaders in the European and North American continents in the culture of death, but there are definite signs of a promising renewal. Better yet, France may even have found its champion against what Pope Benedict has called "the dictatorship of relativism."

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I believe the above story is one of the signs of the emerging trends. In a previous story (read here), I documented how Germany has been profoundly affected in a positive way since Pope Benedict XVI's recent pilgrimage there. I suspect we will see similar effects in Poland within a year or so, since the pope is visiting there now. Rumor has it that Tony Blair has just invited the Pope to visit Great Britain, and in such a spiritual dead realm, I would suspect that the pope's visit there is liable to radically alter the religious landscape of that country within a decade or so.

In summary, the Catholic Church saved European civilization after the fall of the Roman Empire in 450 AD. The Church saved Europe once again from the advance of Islam in the latter middle ages. Under the leadership of Pope John Paul II, the Catholic Church yet one more time saved Europe from the impending threat of communism. Finally, at the dawn of the Third Millennium, Europe is destined to be saved by the Catholic Church yet one more time from the "dictatorship of relativism."

The destiny of Europe seems clear. History will repeat itself at least one more time before the end. The only thing that seems to be unclear is the future of the United States of America. The trends of the future clearly point to the eventual restoration of a Catholic Canada. Mexico's previous experiment in Marxism has proved to be a total failure, and the Mexican people are once again turning to their Catholic faith for answers. In time, Mexico may one day give birth to a truly Catholic nation-state. But what of the USA; the last bastion of conservative Protestantism? In a place where the "Bible Belt" leads the nation with the highest divorce rate, the greatest number of unwed mothers, and rising teen pregnancy rates, one thing seems certain. The traditional religion of the American people (Protestantism) is failing to produce the discipline needed to lead America out of it's current economic and social problems. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church in America has been virtually crippled by the negligent leadership of liberal bishops. The USA hangs in Limbo for now, and the future does not look so promising at this time. Maybe we Americans need a visit from the pope too.