Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Last 'Acceptable' Prejudice

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Stop and consider it for a moment. Suppose your at a rock concert, and the woman on the stage does something terribly offensive to blacks, with the INTENT of offending blacks no less. Suppose you're at a movie theater, and the movie you're watching turns out to be a thriller based on the concept that Judaism is a lie, and Jews are secretly conspiring to control the world through propaganda, coercion and murder. Suppose you're at a public gathering, and the man speaking behind the podium tells you that Islam encourages pedophilia, and that it's a religion made up almost entirely of pedophiles. Suppose you're sitting in a college classroom, and the professor goes on a tirade against Buddhism, and says that Buddhists are stupid for believing in such a stupid religion. How do you suppose these events (if they actually happened) would play in the media? Do you think it would go over well? Would these people be dismissed as "artists" and "exercisers of free speech." Of course not! They would be crucified by the media, tared and feathered by public opinion, and condemned as intolerant bigots. Some of them would loose their audiences. Some of them would loose their jobs. All of them would loose their public credibility and respect. This is the culture we live in today. It is a culture where all forms of intolerance are considered intolerable. Except of course when it comes to Christianity, and especially Catholicism. Here in the western world, the only form of intolerance that is tolerable is the kind that is directed against Catholics and Christians in general. Of all Christian denominations, it is Catholicism that is most especially considered 'fair-game' for public attack, slander, ridicule and defamation. Among entertainment and media elites, it is the last 'acceptable' prejudice.

They Have No Decency
Too many in media bash Catholicism - and get away with it

She's a mother who is very protective of her children. She is a believer who accepts the tenets of her faith. And yet, she continues to vent her hatred of all things Catholic. She's Madonna.

In her "Confessions" tour, the former Catholic and now practicing member of kabbalah appears with a crown of thorns while suspended from a giant mirrored cross. It's vintage Madonna: She went back to the well of anti-Catholicism one more time, proving that the old diva cannot dance and sing without exploiting Catholic iconography.

It's not just her. In February, hip-hop artist Kanye West graced the cover of Rolling Stone wearing a crown of thorns with "blood" streaming down his face. The piece, titled "The Passion of Kanye West," divulged the rapper's passion for pornography. It also revealed the Catholic-bashing agenda of the magazine and the musician.

It may be that "The Da Vinci Code" is one of the most inane movies to appear in some time, and it may be that its failure to persuade means Catholics have nothing to worry about. But if so, this is by default. After all, the book upon which the film is based is built on malicious lies about the Catholic Church.

One of the co-producers of "The Da Vinci Code," John Calley, was quoted last year saying the movie was "conservatively anti-Catholic." Leaving aside the silly qualifier, ask yourself: Is there a single producer in all of Hollywood who would boast that his movie is anti-Semitic, racist or homophobic? And to top it off, ask yourself why inoffensive depictions of Muhammad are rarely shown on TV or in newspapers?

The bias against Catholicism is palpable. No other segment of society is continuously the target of vicious jokes by the likes of Penn Jillette or Bill Maher. No other segment of society is subjected to the obscene assaults like those "South Park" delivers over and over again. And no other segment of society is routinely held up to derision on college campuses.

Consider that a student newspaper at the University of Oregon recently put a depiction of a naked Jesus Christ on the cross with an erection. It also showed a graphic of a naked Christ kissing a naked man, both sporting erections. And the response from the university's president? It was so weak that state lawmakers — after receiving color copies of the offensive pictures from the Catholic League — have decided to deal with this incident themselves. All because the president of the university found it politically incorrect to morally condemn the newspaper.

It's not just Catholics who are on the receiving end of these attacks — all Christians are fair game. NBC dumped "The Book of Daniel" because there was no audience for the script, but the producers surely thought there would be one. After all, who wouldn't want to watch a show where an Episcopalian priest dabbles in drugs, the wife is a boozer, the daughter is a dope dealer, one son is gay, the other is a womanizer, the brother-in-law is a thief and the father's father is an adulterer? Just your ordinary Christian family — in the eyes of Hollywood, that is...

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