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Monday, May 1, 2006

May 1st. is "Illegal Alien Day"

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Let's celebrate reckless disregard for law and national security today -- May 1st -- "Illegal Alien Day." On this day we honor those who break our immigration laws, recklessly violate our national security, and illegally invade American territory under the cover of darkness. We can thank them for their part in the unemployment rate of American citizens, a rising crime rate, cover for drug smugglers, a strain on our welfare and social security system, as well as the creation of a two-class society in the United States where undocumented Mexicans work for below minimum wage. In a way, that's better than slavery! That is, if you're a wealthy big-business tycoon. Finally, let's celebrate May 1st. as a day of snubbing those who would dare to enter this country through the legal immigration and naturalization process. How dare anybody obey the laws of this land!?! So let's all say THANK YOU to illegal aliens, for EVERYTHING they do for this great nation.

On a more serious note, and for the record; this Catholic Knight supports REAL immigration reform, not amnesty, and not isolationism. Real immigration reform would entail three main things...
  1. Control of the southern U.S. boarder making illegal crossing virtually impossible.
  2. A comprehensive work program, allowing more migrant workers from Mexico legally, but in a way they could be documented and tracked.
  3. Deportation of all aliens living in this country illegally as punishment for violating our laws and disrespecting our national sovereignty.