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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Mexico You Never Knew

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: A lot of Americans are oblivious to the fact that Mexico had a Marxist revolution in the early 1900's, and is only recently emerging from that socialistic regime. This partially explains American politicians' reluctance to stop illegal boarder crossings over the last 30 years. About half of Mexico's economy is totally dependent on money sent back into the country by illegal aliens here in the United States. Part of the fear during the Cold War was that if the USA tightened boarder security, the Mexican economy would completely collapse. If that happened, American politicians feared the Mexican government would rear it's ugly Marxist head again, and go completely communist. Then the USA would be faced with the unsavory prospect of having to deal with a communist regime on our own southern boarder.

So American politicians quietly let illegal boarder crossing go on, providing only minimal support to boarder patrol agents. Now that the Cold War is over, the likelihood of Mexico returning to it's Marxist past is low. However, our boarder problem continues to worsen due to 30 years of inactivity on the part of our federal politicians. I'm talking about both sides of the isle here -- Democrats and Republicans. Keeping that in mind, I thought I would share with you a little tidbit of information about Mexico's Marxist past. The nation which so many Americans just assumed to be Catholic is actually one of the worst persecutors of Catholicism in this hemisphere....

The 1920s brought a revolution to Mexico, along with the widespread persecution of Catholics.

Missionaries were expelled from the country, Catholic seminaries and schools were closed, and the Church was forbidden to own property. Priests and laymen were told to denounce Jesus and their faith in public; if they refused, they faced not just punishment but torture and death.

During this time of oppression and cruelty, the Knights of Columbus did not retreat in Mexico but grew dramatically, from 400 members in 1918 to 43 councils and 6,000 members just five years later. In the United States at the time, the Knights handed out five million pamphlets that described the brutality of the Mexican government toward Catholics. As a result, the Mexican government greatly feared and eventually outlawed the Order.

Thousands of men, many of whom were Knights, would not bow to these threats or renounce their faith, and they often paid with their lives. They took a stand when that was the most difficult thing they could do, and their courage and devotion have echoed down through the decades...

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