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Friday, June 2, 2006

Democratic Party Supports Gay-Marriage

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: On the eve of next Tuesday's Senate vote on the Marriage Protection Amendment, Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean has lobbed a rhetorical grenade at Catholic voters around the country by calling the Marriage Protection Amendment "discrimination", as well as "hateful, (and) divisive." It's hard to believe that the Chairman of the National Democratic Party would speak so disdainfully of an initiative that is so strongly supported by a majority of Catholic voters and Catholic organizations such as the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Knights of Columbus. I guess the Chairman of the National Democratic Party thinks the Catholic Bishops and Knights of Columbus are "hateful and divisive."

But such is the status quo of today's far-left Democratic Party. This latest Dean flare-up is another clear reminder why so many Catholics (such as myself) have left the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party of our grandfathers' time has sold out to the far-left of our society while now supporting partial-birth abortion, higher taxes and a redefinition of the millennia-old definition of marriage. Worse yet, they have sought to impose this extreme liberal vision for America through the courts, while circumventing the legislative process. For nearly a decade I've been saying this, and it rings true now more than ever. The last great Democratic President we had was John F. Kennedy, and when he was shot, the Democratic Party died with him. Make no mistake about it. I hold no loyalty to the Republican Party either, but in these dark days I would just assume walk through a nest of pit vipers, before I would support the latest filth coming out of the national Democratic Party.