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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Heretic John Kerry Does it Again!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: He's done it again folks, and this time his fellow Massachusetts heretic, Ted Kennedy, did it with him. Heretical Catholic politicians, like John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, frequently do this sort of thing for photo ops. Though they have both been bared from receiving communion (a defacto excommunication), due to their heretical public stand on abortion, it is not uncommon to see them sneaking into communion lines, and hurriedly receiving the host, whenever a press entourage is present in the Church. Senator John Kerry is particularly notorious for doing this. He's done it in Catholic Churches, from which he has been officially bared. And he's done it in non-catholic churches, which is a violation of Catholic canon law. (Catholics are not supposed to receive communion in non-catholic churches at all.) But you see his pattern indicates that it really isn't because of a hunger for the body and blood of Christ. Rather, it's an insatiable appetite for good P.R. It would appear that John Kerry is just using the Church so he can use the press, all for the purpose of getting more votes. Though John Kerry is not up for reelection this year, Ted Kennedy is, and that may explain why the two of them jumped into the communion line together at mass this last Thursday. It almost seems as if Kerry leaned over to Kennedy during the benediction, and whispered: "pssst. Hey, you want some good PR? I'll show you how to get it. Just follow my lead." Unfortunately for Kennedy, it was Kerry that got the press photo instead of him.

Regardless of the real reason, both Kerry and Kennedy's actions demonstrate a profound disrespect for Church authorities and the Roman Catholic faith. By their actions, they've demonstrated that either they don't know what it means to be Catholic, or else they just don't care. (I think it's the latter.) Personally, I think these guys sneak into communion lines for one reason and one reason only. The only consistency to their actions is that press entourage. I think they use these photo ops to send a clear message to two main groups.

The first main group is the little old Catholic ladies who have voted Democratic all their lives. A picture speaks a thousand words and they know it. A photo of Kerry receiving communion on the hand, sends a message to little old Catholic ladies that they shouldn't worry about those nasty rumors in the press. You see, here is Senator Kerry receiving communion recently. The Catholic Church is "okay" with him, and you should be too.

The second main group is the orthodox conservatives within the Catholic Church. By receiving communion, Kerry sends a strong, clear and undeniable message to us. It doesn't matter what the Church says about abortion, gay-marriage, or any other issue. I (John Kerry) will continue to use the Church to my political advantage, and you see, there is nothing anyone (not even the pope) can do to stop me.

Papal Nuncio Gives Communion to John Kerry - Likely Unintentional

WASHINGTON, June 26, 2006 ( - At the installation Mass of the new Archbishop of Washington, Donald W. Wuerl, Thursday, Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the representative of Pope Benedict XVI, was seen giving Holy Communion to pro-abortion Senator and former Presidential candidate John Kerry. The incident was reported by the Catholic News Service (CNS), the official news service of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

CNS states: "During the Mass, Kerry, who supports keeping abortion legal, received Communion in the hand from Archbishop Pietro Sambi, apostolic nuncio to the United States and Pope Benedict XVI's representative to the U.S. bishops." formally requested a clarification from the office of the Apostolic Nuncio. No reply was sent from Archbishop Sambi's office though was informed that the nuncio received the request for clarification. also spoke with the Communications Assistant of the Archdiocese of Washington about the matter. Mark Adkinson indicated that the incident was likely not intentional by indicating that Archbishop Sambi was administering Holy Communion on the side where the dignitaries were seated.

CNS also reported that Archbishop Wuerl shook hands with Senators Kerry and Ted Kennedy as he processed into the church. "During his entrance procession, the archbishop shook hands with Democratic Sens. Edward Kennedy and John Kerry of Massachusetts, seated side by side in the third row along the center aisle," reported CNS.

However, Adkinson also downplayed the significance of the greetings telling that the Archbishop shook hands with "hundreds of people" as he processed into the church...

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