Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Homofascists Use Protestants To Attack Catholic Church

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: "The only good Catholic is a bad Catholic." That's the mantra of mainstream Liberalism these days, and now that mantra has transferred over to liberal Protestant churches. It's ironic, but not surprising. A hundred years ago, these same mainline denominations attacked the Catholic Church for slightly different reasons, but one thing has become consistent over a century later. The attacks continue. Yes, the reasons are a little different, but mainstream Protestantism is up to it's old anti-Catholic ways again. This time it's taken up the mantra of mainstream liberalism (relativism or modernism). "The only good Catholic is a bad Catholic," meaning one who doesn't practice his faith, or is ashamed to defend it. The mantra dictates that Catholics should be seen and not heard. They should keep their religious beliefs in the closet, especially when they pertain to moral issues of a sexual nature. Case in point; self-loathing Catholics, like Senator John Kerry, are the little darlings of mainstream liberalism. They tow the party line on liberal issues like abortion and same-sex marriage. And when it comes to their religion, they will even allow themselves to be excommunicated (de facto) for the liberal cause. Now that's a "good Catholic," as far as mainstream liberals are concerned. Then you have Catholics like Justice Samuel Alito, who actually believes in his faith and practices what it teaches. He is considered a "radical" by mainstream liberalism, and a "threat" to the American way of life. So the mantra continues: "The only good Catholic is a bad Catholic," and American anti-Catholicism has taken on a driving force. But history has a way of repeating itself, and once again things have come full circle. Mainstream Protestantism is attacking the Catholic Church once again, and this time it's the homofascists (gay and lesbian alliance) that's pulling their strings...

Multifaith coalition targets O'Malley
Members support same-sex marriage

In an unusual incidence of religious leaders in Massachusetts publicly criticizing one another, a multifaith coalition of clergy who support same-sex marriage plan to accuse Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley and other Catholic leaders of ``religious discrimination" today.

The gay-marriage supporters plan to call on O'Malley and the other three Catholic bishops of Massachusetts to stop campaigning for a repeal of same-sex marriage, arguing that it is discriminatory to deny civil marriage benefits to gay couples whose marriages are sanctioned by other religious denominations and that it violates the principle of church-state separation to deny civil marriage rights based on Catholic teaching.

``While their magisterium teaches one thing, there are plenty of other faith traditions that don't agree," said the Rev. Anne C. Fowler, an Episcopal priest who is the rector of St. John's Church in Jamaica Plain and president of the Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry. ``Who are the religious voices who get heard? It's the religious right, and around here it's the Catholic Church, so here is the progressive interfaith community trying to take some action."

The coalition, which has been actively campaigning, plans to hold a press conference today on Beacon Hill. It will release a letter calling on the Catholic bishops to stop campaigning against same-sex marriage rights...

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