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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Una Voce (One Voice)

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Una Voce is an organization within the Catholic Church that is faithful to the magisterium, acknowledges the authority of Vatican II, and lobbies for the return of the traditional Latin mass for those who want to participate in it. It does this through the lawful means provided under canon law. It is an ideal organization for conservative Catholics, who believe the Church should allow the faithful to celebrate the traditional (Tridentine) mass, but at the same time do not wish to do anything that might hinder their communion with Rome...

"The International Una Voce Federation has played an important role in supporting the use of the 1962 edition of the Roman Missal in obedience to the directives of the Holy See. For this valuable service I express my gratitude to the members of the Federation and extend my blessing."
-- Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith
speaking to the Una Voce Federation
25 July 1996

A discussion of Gregorian/Tridentine liturgical and spiritual life will often touch upon theological, historical, aesthetic, ecclesiological, or social influences and factors in the life of the Church. As such, it is often beneficial to provide a range of thought, all within the limits of orthodox doctrine and practice, to give a broader view of the issues of importance to this organization.

Una Voce does not support or countenance any schismatic or heretical movements. Its mission is to support only the celebration of the Tridentine/Gregorian Rite Mass within the Church, in union with the Holy See and the bishops united with the Supreme Pontiff of the Church as permitted through the 1988 indult, Ecclesia Dei adflicta.

Una Voce's objective is to help support reconciliation within the Church and we carry out that service in union with her lawful pastors and under their guidance.

The mission of Una Voce is, and has been since its founding in 1964, the promotion and support of the traditional Latin Mass within the Church, in union with Rome. Our mission is not directly concerned with other political or social teachings such as the correct understanding of Church/State relations, theological explorations into the question of baptism or salvation outside the Church, and the canonical status of separated Christian groups. The mission of Una Voce is limited to a promotion of the celebration of the Gregorian/Gelasian Latin Mass.

Una Voce accepts the 1969 Novus Ordo of Pope Paul VI as a valid rite of Mass. It accepts the Second Vatican Council as a valid Ecumenical Council of the Church and holds that its teachings are to be given the appropriate respect in relation to authority of its decrees.

In those cases where criticism of reformable policies or pastoral decisions of the Church is warranted, Una Voce offers opinions not as a means of judging the Church or her leaders, but only as permitted to the faithful in accordance with Canon 212 paragraph 3 of the Code of Canon Law.

I encourage all the Catholic faithful to consider full support of Una Voce in its mission and work. The Una Voce website is here: