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Friday, July 28, 2006

The Church is God's Israel - Not the Jewish State

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Okay, here is a challenge for our Evangelical brethren. The nation of Israel is at war, and since she is our only ally in the middle east, it is America's duty to support her. Indeed, Israel is a soveriegn nation. She has just as much a right to exist as Canada does. She has been unfairly attacked by the Muslim world relentlessly for the last 50 years. She is only doing in Lebanon what we (America) did in Afghanastan and Iraq. Granted, with the number of confrontations with Islamofacism arising around the world, we are probably in the early years of World War III. But for those of you who would like to elevate this conflict to Biblical proportions, stop and consider this. The nation-state of Israel is NOT the same as the ancient Kingdom of Israel. She is not under the same kind of government, nor is she under the same laws. The modern nation-state of Israel is very much a WESTERN country. She resembles the modern United States far more than she resembles her ancient predicessor by the same name. Don't get me wrong. The modern nation-state of Israel is certianly protected by God -- to a certian extent -- because many of God's covenant people (the Jews) live there. But for that matter, we could say the city of New York is also protected by God -- to a certian extent -- for the same reason. St. Paul tells us in Romans 11 that God will not allow the Jewish people to be extinguished from this earth, because he is saving them for the day when a final remnant will be brought into the Church and "all Israel will be saved." The modern nation-state of Israel is a western country and an ally to the United States. Her survival is very important to the security interests of the United States, as she is the only thing standing between Iran and a renewed Persian Empire of the Islamofascist flavor. But as for the Biblical Israel, (you know the one chosen by God), you'll need to look past that tiny strip of real estate in the middle east....